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Monday, December 28, 2009

A quiet relaxing Christmas

So Christmas around here are pretty quiet. On Christmas Day we spent the morning together, just the two of us and in the evening we had Tim' parents over for supper. We figured out where a leak on our house was coming from, it was the dishwasher that was leaking and dripping all the way in to the basement and getting the drywall in the basement bathroom wet. So Tim went and ordered a new pipe for the dishwasher and then we will possibly fix the basement bathroom. At least we caught the problem before it got too bad but we are assuming that it has been leaking for quite a while and that the previous owners never noticed or just ignored it. Oh well.
On Boxing day it was quiet too ,we just spent the day at home only leaving to feed Lorissa's cats. The weather the night before made the roads really icy. We watched a few movies over the weekend and just took advantage of having a few days off where we had nothing planned.
On Sunday we went to Church in the morning and then over to Mark and Helen's for the afternoon and evening. Helen and I went skiing. It was fun, I have not skied in a few years, we had the perfect weather. Helen's cat and dog both decided to join us on our little adventure and on they way back we had to wait for the kitty to catch up to us. We also played a really old board game called Situation 4. In this game you have to build a puzzle. Both team have the puzzle piece for the whole puzzle but it is a race to finish it. It is a neat game for being made in the 1960's.

So yeah finally we had a quiet weekend alone all to ourselves. It was fun.

I hope everyone a had a great Christmas.

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