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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Here are a few pictues from the first 2 1/2 months.

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Thiessen's

First Time in her Tinkerbell outfit

Wearing her Bella Bunny

Christmas at Anutie Elaine and Uncle Jimmy's

Christmas Morning at Granny and Bill's

Cute baby pics

First Time at Daddy's hockey game

First time at home

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Mom's first time holding Isabelle

Our Baby Girl

I have been really lazy and have not posted since Isabelle was born. Our little girl was born on October 26th at 8:56 pm, weighing in at 8 lbs 14 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. Everything went well but she had definite signs of being overdue ( I was 9 days over). I actually was scheduled to be induced at 5pm on the 26th. I am glad I didn't have to be induced and things went naturally with a little help from the doctor.
Since we have had her at home she has been a great baby. She rarely cries and if she does it normally means that she is either hungry or sleepy. She has been a really good sleeper and has been sleeping thru the night since she was a month old and before that she would maybe wake up twice in the night to eat. During the day she will put herself to sleep while she is in her play yard. She started to smile the day before she turned a month, she has been talking for quite awhile now and it seems like she is going to laugh soon. She likes looking at herself in the mirror and enjoys it when we read books to her. She just started to hold on to toys.
Isabelle just got her first set of shots last week and she did pretty good. She still has a click in her hip but we are double diapering her to help that go away. So far she is a really good traveler, we took our first trip with her at 3 weeks old. We went up to Niapwin for Alumni weekend and for her to meet uncle Matthew for the first time. She traveled really well. On the way home we were 15 minutes away from home and she had had enough. She cried for a bit but once we took her out of her car seat for a few minutes she was good. We have also now traveled out to Saskatoon for Christmas and she did good then too. While we were in Saskatoon for Christmas Isabelle got sick. She threw up 3 times, twice on some one. She had a stuffy nose but was good otherwise. You could tell she was sick because she wasn't herself, she was whinny and wanted to be held. Which was good because there were lots of people who wanted to hold her.

Anyways that is a little bit of an update on our family since we became a family of 3.