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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas #3

So Christmas Gathering #3 was in Saskatoon with my family. It was nice to be out there, I got to see some family that I haven't seen in 2 years which was great. My cousins have grown up so much since I have seen them last it is crazy. (while I was there my cousin's friends came over and it was crazy to see how big they are because I used to babysit them as well when I was younger. that makes me feel old!) So our trip out to Saskatoon was unfortunately eventful but that is it's own blog post. We got to be in Saskatoon from the 31-3. On New years evening we watched the Canada play a world junior hockey game against USA, while we watched from home some of my family was at the game enjoying the atmosphere and the great game.
The next day we all went over to my aunt's house. There we played poker, Wii and Karaoke'd, table tennis and just had fun. The Wii entertained us for a few house. We were plying on the Wii fit for a long time, my grandparents even gave it a try. I made my mom try it and it was really funny, she was laughing so hard she almost peed her pants. If you know my mom she gets like that some times but it is really funny. But while we were playing on the Wii I found out that she gets it from my Granny. Too funny.

We also got to go out for supper with my Dad, my Brother and His girlfriend. It was nice to see all of them again and just take some time to catch up on the time gone by.
All in all it was a great time in Saskatoon. Nothing beats getting together with you family and just having fun.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog...cause I found yours! Fun to read what you have been up to lately. That and your Christmas letter. Thanks for that. Congratulations on the new job and new house. Looks like christmas was a great time. Karaoke! Wow...our Skeldon Christmas has yet to give that a try but it would be worth it to see Dad up there singing his heart out! :) Maybe next year.