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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Gathering #1

So we had our very first Christmas Gathering of the year on the weekend. It was with Tim's parents and siblings. Everyone but me went out on friday night, and I went out after work on saturday. We opened gifts on saturday afternoon. We got spoiled but are very thankful.In the evening we tried to watch the movie UP as a family but we got about half way through and the movie would not play any more. And being a 40 Min drive away from where we rented the movie we just stopped.
Sunday morning we went to Church together and then after lunch we attempted to take some family pictures. It wasn't too cold out side but some people still complained. Oh well it was worth it. Here are the results...
Aren't we a good looking family. Now we have some great family pictures to display. Well we had a great start to our family gatherings with a few more to come.

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