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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well so far I have still been feeling really good. I have found one thing that make me sick and that is Dairy Queen Ice cream. I went out to get Blizzard's with Cara while they were having their anniversary sale and about half an hour after I was done mine I was not feeling good. So I had a sore stomach all night and part of the next morning. Some of the girls at work were like you have to try it again to see if that was actually what caused it. I am not going to try it again and will abstain from DQ ice cream until this baby comes into the world. It is not the worst thing that could happen. I will survive. Also the day after the ice cream incident I almost fainted. My sister-in-laws and I had gone for a walk and stopped at Cara's house to visit and I was getting a little bit warm, then my head started to spin a bit and then I was like I need to sit down. A few seconds after I sat down the girls said I went as white as a ghost and then a few seconds later they said my face was very red and I could just feel the sweat dripping off of me. So yeah that was a new experience. Someone had mentioned maybe it was my blood pressure but I am not sure. I had my appointment for my blood tests this past week and if anyone know me they probably know that I don't like needles. I was hoping that they were going to do them at my last doctors appointment but I had to go to the hospital to get them done. So I had to go by myself because Tim was working. I got myself worked up and cried like normal. But they two nurses were very kind a patient with me and it was actually a very good experience for me so hopefully in the future all other experiences will be the same too.
So yeah nothing to exciting has happened but thing seem to be going well. Yeah!