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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Trip To Saskatoon

Well our Drive to Saskatoon was quite eventful which was not good. Our car started acting up just after the Dafoe corner(the Red X) which is about an hour and a half away from Saskatoon (the red circle). At the Dafoe corner the car stalled at the stop sign. Tim just shut it if and then started it again. Then we went around then next turn and the cat would not go, when it would go it would only go 40km so we slowly putted along and after a bit we could get it to go 90km for a bit but then it would go down to about 60km so we drove all most all the was to Saskatoon varying speed from 60-90km. Then whole time I was praying just let us get to Saskatoon. This is the situation where I wish we would have had a cell phone. About 10 minutes out sided of Saskatoon the car was going 100km so we thought maybe it fixed it's self. When we could see Stoon I asked Tim if we should try to get to my mom's, which is on the opposite side of Saskatoon or just go to my Grandparents house which is on the outskirts of Saskatoon, the side we came in on, but Tim thought we could make it to my Mom's house. So we were doing well when we were almost off the the Idwyld Bridge it stalled again (the red X in the photo below) and the red circle was our destination, so close but so far. There the car stopped, we could not get it to start. After Tim spent some time fiddling around under the hood, and ran out of ideas we flagged down a car and called my Mom to come try and boost us. By this time it was 3:45 in the morning. The next morning I had found out that just before we called my Mom had gone into the basement to see if we had arrived just and she was just starting to get worried.

While we were waiting for them to arrive lots of people stopped to see if we needed help which was very kind of them. Once they (Mom and Bill) got there they tried boosting us but that didn't work so they just ended up towing us to there house. The next morning Bill and Tim went out and tried to get it going again. We thought that the gas line might have frozen up because it was really cold out that night and really windy. Nothing seemed to be working, so we towed it over to my Dad's house to put it in the heated garage. We left it there over night and still no luck. Tim had called his friend who was a mechanic and he gave us a few ideas. So we tried changing the fuel filter(which is what they guys are trying to do in these pictures).

So finally on Saturday morning we towed it over to Canadian Tire and there they fixed it. After all that it was the timing belt and the tensioner that needed to be fixed which cost us $600. What a fun trip to Stoon. At least we were able to get the car fixed over the holidays and be able to be back at work on Monday like planned.

The last 3 time we have tried to go to Saskatoon we have had car trouble, must be a sign...NOT. oh well we made it there(with a little help) and back safely.

The Driedger's came to Visit!

Our dear friends Bryce and Dielle came to visit us before we left for Saskatoon. We invited them over for supper on December 30th. It was quite funny, Tim and I were getting supper ready and we heard Jerome come home from work and I was going to let him know that we were having company for supper and when I got to the top of the stairs Bryce and Dielle were in our entrance way. They had just come in with Jerome and they were going to stand there and see how long it took for us to realize that they were there. I still wonder if Jerome know who he was letting into our house or if he would do that we some stranger. (I doubt it but one will never know). Anyways that is definitely something they would do and made me laugh. After supper we played a Game of settlers with them, it is kind of funny because Dielle and I kind of learned the game because our guys were fans of it. We might have even played it a few time a Bible school so it would have been right to not play it when they were here. After our game we headed over to Mark and Helen's to watch the last period of a world juniors game. It was really nice to visit with them since we missed going to Alumni weekend this year. I guess it will be our turn next to go see them where ever they will be next time.

And of course I had to take a traditional Ang and Elly picture to add to my collection.

Ah the memories from some of our pictures, good times.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas #3

So Christmas Gathering #3 was in Saskatoon with my family. It was nice to be out there, I got to see some family that I haven't seen in 2 years which was great. My cousins have grown up so much since I have seen them last it is crazy. (while I was there my cousin's friends came over and it was crazy to see how big they are because I used to babysit them as well when I was younger. that makes me feel old!) So our trip out to Saskatoon was unfortunately eventful but that is it's own blog post. We got to be in Saskatoon from the 31-3. On New years evening we watched the Canada play a world junior hockey game against USA, while we watched from home some of my family was at the game enjoying the atmosphere and the great game.
The next day we all went over to my aunt's house. There we played poker, Wii and Karaoke'd, table tennis and just had fun. The Wii entertained us for a few house. We were plying on the Wii fit for a long time, my grandparents even gave it a try. I made my mom try it and it was really funny, she was laughing so hard she almost peed her pants. If you know my mom she gets like that some times but it is really funny. But while we were playing on the Wii I found out that she gets it from my Granny. Too funny.

We also got to go out for supper with my Dad, my Brother and His girlfriend. It was nice to see all of them again and just take some time to catch up on the time gone by.
All in all it was a great time in Saskatoon. Nothing beats getting together with you family and just having fun.