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Sunday, July 15, 2012

more belly pics

                                30 weeks           32 weeks            33 weeks           34 weeks
                                  35 weeks        36 weeks            37 weeks           38 weeks

Again the top pictures are when I was pregnant with Isabelle and the bottow row of pictures is me currently pregnant with Baby #2.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

belly comparison

The picture is pretty self-explanatory but just in case it isn't.  The top row of picture is from when I was pregnant with Isabelle and the bottom row is me pregnant with Baby #2. 

So far I am a lot smaller with this baby than I was with Isabelle but i am carrying this baby way lower too so it is very hard to compare.  I don't necessarily mind being smaller with this baby and maybe just maybe if I a lucky it will be a smaller baby.  It is just very funny to be smaller with number two then the first baby .  Most women are quite a bit bigger with number two.  This baby moves way more then Isabelle ever did.  With here we had regular hiccups and that was about it for movement so this is a lot different but very fun.

As of today I am 31 weeks pregnant so I am down to single digit for number of weeks left.  I am feeling good with this pregnancy just like I did with Isabelle.  Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly with the rest of the pregnancy.

Nursery Rhymes

I guess we have read the book so many times to Isabelle that she has started to associate the picture on the page with what rhyme it is.  It is really cool that she can associate the two together.  At this rate pretty soon she will be saying the whole rhyme to us.  The stories in the book are : hey diddle diddle, three men in a tub, mary mary, the old lady in a shoe, humpty dumpty and wee willie winkie.  We also have a different nursery rhyme book and she has learnt quite a few of those ones too.

Our little helper

we were at Mark and Helen's for Lunch on Mother's Day and Isabelle was helping pile up the wood next to the fire pit.  She even helped carry wood from the barn all the way to the fire pit.  She seemed to really like helping out. 
Isabelle also loves to help set the table

spinning in Circles

Isabelle has enjoyed spinning to the point of falling over she is so dizzy.  it is quite funny because as she is spinning she often says circle. 

Jayda and Demaris

Isabelle has been enjoying the memory game that I made her.  On each tile it has faces of different family members.  On this particular day her favorites were Demaris and Jayda.  She has been doing really well with these and can tell you who almost all of the people are.  There have been a few days that she has even brought to me a whole family, which is really cool.  she is getting really smart and her memory just seems to be getting really good lately. 

yummy yummy

we were trying to get a good video of Isabelle saying Yummy Yummy but this is the best we could get at the time.

Christmas outfit

We have had so many Christmas outfits for this year that we have been putting them on Isabelle since the last weekend in November I think. This little outfit came with a hat and we didn't think she would wear the hat because she isn't too fond of hats. But to our surprise she wore it at home during sunday school and half way through church before talking it off. We were so impressed. The video was mean to be a picture but the camera was on the wrong mode so I decided to post the video anyways. Sorry that is it sideways, you can't turn it.

I had ment to post this a long time ago but must have just forgot about it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Isabelle's House

For Isabelle's Birthday she got a wagon and we saved the box for her to play with.  She used it for awhile like a tunnel but it was getting pretty ragid so we dediced to tape it up and cut our a door.  She was scared of it at first.  We had Carter over one day and he played in it and since then Isabelle has loved it.  She really enjoys having another little kid over to play in it with her.  I think she even had Uncle Mark in it one day.  Anyways lesson to be learned when you have kids don't throw away the nice big boxes as they can provide many hours of fun.  LOL