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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Suprise parties!

Since we have moved into our house we have been able to throw two suprise parties. One worked better then the other but they were both lots of fun. Back on October we threw my sister in law Helen a party. That day we were supposed to be hosting a wind up for Tim and the boys soccer team, but it ended up that only a few guys would have been able to show up
So we ended up telling Helen that it was still the Soccer wind up when it actually was a suprise party for her. We even parked Tim's parents vehicle in the garage so she wouldn't see it. I think she was suprised. So that was the very first suprise party I had ever thrown. It was lots of fun.
(Helen and her birthday trifle)
The next party was for my Brother in law JJ. This one didn't work out as well as they were the first people to show up. OH well we still had some decoration up and such. This time we were supposed to be having Bible study that night, so instead we invited out friends from Bible study over to help us celebrate his Birthday. We played some games on the Wii and the Girls had a game of Settler and the Boys also played some hockey on the Play station. (this is JJ blowing out his candles on his cake)

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