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Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Pictures and Pregnancy update

Awhile ago I got to go for my ultrasound(I was 20wks). Here are a few pictures from the ultrasound. Most pictures say on the bottom what the picture is of. It was really neat to see the pictures of the baby because it made it so much more real to me. There is actually a little person growing inside of me.

Since my last post I have still been doing, but just this last Saturday at work I had another almost fainting spell. The same things happened as last time. My manager wanted to send me home but I told her once it is over I will be ok and I was. Good thing it was only a 3 hr day and it was slow.
The baby has been fairly active and both Tim and I have been able to feel it's kicks which is fun.
We have been fairly productive buying baby stuff on good deals and great steals at garage sales. We have all the big things that if baby came we would be ok other then in the clothing department. LOL.
So yeah nothing too exciting but that is good. I hope you enjoy the pictures.