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Thursday, March 17, 2011

from birth to four months old

Isabelle One Day Old

Isabelle One Month Old

Isabelle Two Months Old
(we didn't get a good one because she had the flu)

Isabelle Three Months Old

Isabelle Four Months Old

My Little Girl has grown so much, it's hard to believe that she has only been around for four months. It feels like a lot longer. She is still doing really well, very content and happy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tired ear rub

It seems when Isabelle gets tired she starts to rub her ear. It is kinda cute. The bad thing about it is she tends to get her fingers in her ear and then she gets cuts in her ear too.

copy cat

Quite awhile ago we taught Isabelle how to make this noise with her tounge and lips. She was doing really well and then we couldn't get her to do it for quite awhile. Now she is doing it again. It almost seems like she does it to show off.

One day Mark and Helen babysat Izzy for us and I guess Mark was doing that to her and she was copying him and Mark got all excited that she was copying him, much to his suprise he did not know that she already knew how to do that.

baby talk

Tim can get Isabelle going really good sometimes but it seems like he has to be upsidedown talking to her. I think she is going to grow up to be a big talker. LOL

Izzy's new thing

Isabelle's new thing is to hold on to anything and everything around her. she started this one day when she was on the change table. It was so cute.

Head and shoulders

This is one of Isabelle's favorite songs. Almost every time we do it she will have her mouth as wide open as she can. it is really cute.

Fun in the tub

Isabelle enjoys her baths. This time was funny to watch her suck her had through the middle of her little ring toy. She was also holding on to the back rest.

Laundry Time

There just happened to be a laundy basket in the living room so we propped Izzy up in it and Dad had the great idea that it would be fun to take her for a ride around the kitchen. I don't think she knew what to think, she might enjoy it more once she gets older.

feeding time

This video is kinda fun. Tim was trying to feed Isabelle a bottle and she wanted to be a big girl and feed herself. It wasn't very successful but was very cute.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Isabelle Laughing

Today Tim got Isabelle to laugh at him while they were playing peek-a-boo. It was really cute and the first time we caught it on camera.