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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SCU and EMF Christmas Parties

So Both Tim and I have had our Christmas Work Banquets. Both Parties were in Winnipeg, my party was at Victoria inn and Tim's was at the Winnipeg Winter Club. My party included supper and some entertainment. The entertainment was great, it was a comedian / ventriloquist.

He was really funny. Most of the time they use a wooden puppet but this guy used a tennis ball. He was very fun. The entertainer was recently on the show America's got talent, he was a semi-finalist on the show. He also has been on the Disney Cruise ship for a number of years. ( <- These pictures are after Tim's Christmas Banquet)

For Tim's party we had supper and then there was a dance but we didn't stay for the dance since Tim's doesn't dance. His banquet was in quite a pretty place. This was the first year we have gone to Tim's Christmas banquet and he has been working for EMF for 3 years.

( <- These pictures are of us after my Christmas Banquet)

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