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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New picture for Lorissa

Isabelle's outfit for working out with Mommy and Daddy

These two kids love each other so much!! It melts my heart

Thomas could play ALL day.

This was the first
time we took Isabelle
skating she had lots
of fun.

The kids one day after Chruch.
The dress Isabelle is wearing was made
by her Grandma Thiessen.

Thomas is wearing one of the ties
I made for him.  What a handsome
little man.

Isabelle with "her" valentines day
flowers from Daddy.

Thomas the big boy.  In this picture he is
sitting by himself but today he figured out
how to get in to this position all by himself.

what a cutie

The kids on Valentines day.

Mommy and her little man.

The kids before chruch with Thomas wearing
a bow tie I made him out of some leftover
bridesmaid material from out wedding.

he's going to be a very handsome man.

More love

we had splash pants for both kids so I just had to put
them on and take a picture even thought it is the middle
of winter.

Thomas the Montreal fan??

"I'm Seven Months Old Today"

He's just soo cute I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

random cute videos

How Isabelle knew to switch between the pictures on my Cousins phone baffles me, we don't have a phone that does that.  Kids and technology these days its crazy.
Thomas was going crazy in his play yard at Isabelle's birthday party in Blumenort.
Isabelle always wants to help with Thomas and she asked if she could feed him. This video is of her first time feeding him.


Both of my kids love their baths.  Thomas will kick like crazy and often he squeals with delight, he doesn't seem to mind if he gets water in his face which is a good thing when you have an older sister how likes to splash also.  I think the video with both kids in the tub my be their first bath together.  Isabelle was so happy to be helping wash Thomas.  and the second video show just a little bit of how excited Thomas gets when in the tub.  sorry he looses his cloth for the last few seconds of the video and I don't know how to shorten the video so yeah this is your warning.


Thomas is by far one of the happiest kids I know.  He is so easy to make laugh, all you have to do is talk to him or say his name.  Little baby giggles are one of my most favorite things.  hence all the cute videos


Isabelle can get Thomas laughing pretty good, and she doesn't even have to do very much to get him going.  She often will do this all on her own.  I just love how these two get along so well, I hope it continues as they continue to grow.

Monday, February 4, 2013

fun with cupcakes

I made cupcakes one day so that I could use the decorating tips I got for Christmas and practice a little bit.   I wasn't feeling very artistic at the time but Tim sure was.  I mostly was trying to figure out what each tip did and how to use them properly.  Next time I do more I will be looking on the internet for inspiration
if you can't tell time did the 6 in the center that are hockey themed.  His winnipeg jets log turned out really well
Isabelle did the one in the bottom left hand corner with the green swirls
Isabelle also did the one with the pink flower and the green squiggle, she said it was a snake

Tim is definately most proud of this one.

more pictures

more love.  Lately Isabelle has been asking more often to hold Thomas

a cute picture of him sleeping on his tummy

we only had him in here long enough for a picture

she wanted to push him around the house like that but I didn't trust her not to tip him or the stroller to not break

This little man is always happy.

we were putting away laundry in our room and he managed to wiggle his way into the closet

I'm 6 months old


Thomas absolutely loves his baths. he splashes like crazy.

more pictures

The kids dresses up for chruch

Thomas having fun with Tim

My big boy in his highchair

Thomas sitting by himself, it's still a rare thing.

us at our Thiessen Chrismas

Thiessen family

One morning I found Thomas in his diaper in the crib.  Somehow he got his sleeper off all by himself.

my cute little boy.

these two kids love each other so much. Thomas is always looking for his sister.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

time for a update

It has been way too long since I last updated this blog. My boy is now 6 months old and growing like crazy.  I am going to put up some pictures and videos. Enjoy

Thomas looking cute

mommy and baby snuggles

Isabelle was having a lot of fun having Thomas in her bed, even if it was only for a little bit.

Isabelle's new favorite thing to do...PlayDoh

My Beautiful Crazy kids

They both enjoy their baths(sorry it's not the greatest picture)

the kids on christmas,  Isabelle and her schruchy eyes

getting ready for a walk outside. I guess we need a bigger toggagan

Thomas' first Christmas

Daddy and Thomas with matching shrits...well almost