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Friday, December 16, 2011

Isabelle's dancing skills

I know I have posted a different video of Isabelle dancing but this one is a really good video. This was the day we had her birthday party so she really was showing off for everyone who was at her party. She liked all the attention so she would do it more to get all the laughs from everyone. It was quite hilarious.

Horsie Ride

Isabelle got a really fun rocking horse from her aunt and uncle last Christmas and she has really been enjoying it. She has learnt how to make the horse make noise and how to sit on the horse and rock it. it is also one of the words she understand, when you say where is your horsie she will always look around the room and then point at it where ever it is.

Christmas outfit

We have had so many Christmas outfits for this year that we have been putting them on Isabelle since the last weekend in November I think. This little outfit came with a hat and we didn't think she would wear the hat because she isn't too fond of hats. But to our surprise she wore it at home during sunday school and half way through church before talking it off. We were so impressed. The video was mean to be a picture but the camera was on the wrong mode so I decided to post the video anyways. Sorry that is it sideways, you can't turn it.

bound and determined

One evening Isabelle came out of her room with one of her pajama shirts and then she sat on the living room floor and tried to put the shirt on to her foot for a good 5 minutes. She was quite determined that she was going to get it on and seems to not want to give up until she got it. It was quite amusing.

Walking and Talking

Isabelle has been doing really good with her walking lately. She tends to only walk at home and not when we are out at other people's house. It almost seems like the doesn't want to make a fool out of herself in front of others. LOL At home most of the time if she falls down she will get right back up and continue to walk where she was headed. She is also growing her vocabulary quite fast. I think she has 5 words now. Her first word was Yes then This. She would say this to everything like she was wanting to know what it was. she now also says Hi, Ball and Bye Bye. and is getting close to Hat, baby and belly.