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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let's try this out!

Hey ,

I have never blogged before but thought it might be fun. Lots of things in my life are changing right now. I just got a new job and My husband and I just bought a new house. I am hoping the next 2 months go by fast so we can move in. It is really exciting that I am finally getting out of the teenage stage (even thought I haven't been a teenager for a while now). I finally have a job that is more of a career then just a regular job. We will have our own house soon and just things that make me feel more like a grown up. This might now make sense to you but that is how I am feeling. We are doing things that we haven't done before so it is neat to be doing them together with my Husband. Well that is my little talk for now. I am looking forward to VBS starting at my Church tonight, which means it is going to be a busy week but tons of fun. I really want to see God move this week during or thru VBS.