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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just so you know

just to let you all know there are 7 new videos that I posted today and I posted 3 videos yesterday. They are in no specific order and definately not most recent to oldest so yeah. I hope you enjoy getting the sneak peak on to our lives with Isabelle

using a fork

Her is Isabelle trying to use a fork. everytime she takes the food off the fork she will either give it to one of us to put more on or will throw it on the floor

Using a spoon

We are slowly trying to get Isabelle to use a spoon and feed herself. We haven't done alot of trying to inforce this but it is fun to see her try and do it on her own. I know it will come on her timing just like everything else.

Birthday Cake

Isabelle didn't seem too sure about the cake but she actually ate some this time. We had had a little party a month and a half before her birthday and she would not eat the cake and she gaged on the icing so this was a much better try at it.

God made you Special

Isabelle got a new book for her birthday called God made you special. The book even plays a song and has a mirror inside it. Isabelle seems to really like this book. She has always enjoyed mirrors and music so it was the perfect book for her

she loves books

Isabelle normally won't sit still for you if you want to read her a book but if she finds one on the floor, which there are many around, she will sit there and flip through the pages and might bring one to you ever so often and actually want you to read it to her. She is becoming quite the little carachter and is so much fun.

brush your teeth

We have been trying to get in to a routine with brushing Isabelle's teeth before bed time. She has done really good so far. She doesn't mind having the brush in her mouth. It is funny the that she puts her toothbrush under the faucet and wants to put water on it. I don't think she has seen us brush our teeth very often maybe on Sunday mornings before church. Oh well it is really cute. The other day she got in to her diaper bag and the one thing she had pulled out was her toothbrush and she was brushing away. I hope that that is a sign that teeth brushing won't been an issue in the future if we keep it up.

The other day I had Isabelle's booster chair out becuase I was watching another little kid and had given a snack to Isabelle in it. We just left it on the floor and for the last few days she has played with it more than she has played with her toys. She does like to try and stand in it but she has been listening really well when I tell her to sit on her bum. we moved it to the living room so that if she tips it and falls it is a little bit of a softer landing and she has done that a few times

fun in the tub

Isabelle has almost always liked the tub, there was a short time she didn't really. the other day she was crying while tim was getting ready to put her in the tub and once she was in she stopped crying. it was rather quite funny.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


we are not sure where she learned to dance like this but she often does it to the clip it clop of her rocking horse. it is pretty cute. I had been trying to quite awhile to get this on camera.

Isabelle and her first steps

Isabelle had taken a few steps a little bit before we got this video. of course she had to do it when we weren't really paying attention to her. she is stubborn and will not let us coax her, she just had to do it by herself.