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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Driedger's came to Visit!

Our dear friends Bryce and Dielle came to visit us before we left for Saskatoon. We invited them over for supper on December 30th. It was quite funny, Tim and I were getting supper ready and we heard Jerome come home from work and I was going to let him know that we were having company for supper and when I got to the top of the stairs Bryce and Dielle were in our entrance way. They had just come in with Jerome and they were going to stand there and see how long it took for us to realize that they were there. I still wonder if Jerome know who he was letting into our house or if he would do that we some stranger. (I doubt it but one will never know). Anyways that is definitely something they would do and made me laugh. After supper we played a Game of settlers with them, it is kind of funny because Dielle and I kind of learned the game because our guys were fans of it. We might have even played it a few time a Bible school so it would have been right to not play it when they were here. After our game we headed over to Mark and Helen's to watch the last period of a world juniors game. It was really nice to visit with them since we missed going to Alumni weekend this year. I guess it will be our turn next to go see them where ever they will be next time.

And of course I had to take a traditional Ang and Elly picture to add to my collection.

Ah the memories from some of our pictures, good times.

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