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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New picture for Lorissa

Isabelle's outfit for working out with Mommy and Daddy

These two kids love each other so much!! It melts my heart

Thomas could play ALL day.

This was the first
time we took Isabelle
skating she had lots
of fun.

The kids one day after Chruch.
The dress Isabelle is wearing was made
by her Grandma Thiessen.

Thomas is wearing one of the ties
I made for him.  What a handsome
little man.

Isabelle with "her" valentines day
flowers from Daddy.

Thomas the big boy.  In this picture he is
sitting by himself but today he figured out
how to get in to this position all by himself.

what a cutie

The kids on Valentines day.

Mommy and her little man.

The kids before chruch with Thomas wearing
a bow tie I made him out of some leftover
bridesmaid material from out wedding.

he's going to be a very handsome man.

More love

we had splash pants for both kids so I just had to put
them on and take a picture even thought it is the middle
of winter.

Thomas the Montreal fan??

"I'm Seven Months Old Today"

He's just soo cute I couldn't resist.

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