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Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am very glad that the Olympics are over. I feel like I just sat in front of the TV for 17 full days and did nothing else but watch tv, eat, work and sleep. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics, I think our Canadians did a great job. There were alot of moments I was really proud to be Canadian but I think the best one was seeing Joannie Rochet win her Bronze medal for herself and her Mother.

A few weeks ago in Sunday school one of my little boys said something really funny to me. we were working on our activity sheets and there was a rose on the page and he tapped me on the shoulder and said I want to give a girl a flower. I asked him which girl thinking maybe it was a girl in our Sunday school class. the next thing I know is he is poking me and he said I want to give you a flower because I want to marry you. Oh to have the innocence of being a 4 year old. It was really funny but I made sure you not laugh out loud.

Also a few weekends ago I got to watch my two sister-in-laws play hockey for the very first time. They played in the EMcup women's hockey tournament. They both got to play on the same team. It was a lot of fun to watch them. Lorissa scored her very first goal in their 2nd or 3rd game. Their team did not end up winning any of their 3 regular games but won the very last one which gave them the bronze medal. I think they both had a really good time and were sore and tired the next day. Know all three of us girls have had a weekend of hockey. I played in the EMcup last year and my team won the gold medal. Ah fun times.

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