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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Isabelle's new doll

We were at Tim's parents house about a month ago and Grandma had a doll that blinked and showed it to Izzy and she went crazy for the doll. She was waving her arms like crazy and was squealing quite loudly. She was so excited to see this little doll. It was really cute and I am sad I didn't think to get my camera out and tape it. Grandma found a little doll at a garage sale a few weeks back so now Izzy has this little doll and she really likes this one too.

Isabelle so far likes other little kids, they don't have to be paying any attention to her the just need to be close enough for her to see them. In Sunday school other little kids could come and steal a toy away from her and she wouldn't care, she would just smile and laugh at the little kid. We had the little kids sing a few songs in Church awhile back and she was so excited she again squealed and waved her arms. I hope she stays this way, liking other kids, it's really cute so far.

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